The best alternative to a website: atom bio


If you’re looking for a way to connect with people quickly and to unify all your content into a single link, you’re looking for the ATOM.BIO! Now we'll see why.

When people think about a central place to post their content – social media profiles, projects, contact information, calendars of events, products, services, highlights, etc. – they often think of a website.

This is supposed to be the single link or URL that can encompass who we are as a person. Yet, personal websites are time-consuming to set up and maintain, and after all that effort, they don’t end up producing that much traffic.

On this blog we will cover 3 main points, click on the buttons to go read directly what you need:

What is an atom bio?

Why have an atom bio instead of a traditional website?

Who should use atom bio?

What is an atom bio?

An atom bio is the free link in bio tool you’ve been looking for. It’s a simple and direct method to feature content in a way that your friends, family, followers, clients, etc. can access. These links show your contact information, calendar, socials, location, news, multiple links, and so much more.

You can include images and link them to your products, embed videos from YouTube and even make carousels or sliders! You can customize your profile according to your brand: choose your background, buttons and font colors! You will be able to include the content that appears and update it whenever necessary from the phone!

Ready to share your content with the world?

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and get ready to post your atom anywhere and everywhere. Here are some of the most common ways to share your profile:

Social: Link in bio (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitch)

Professional: CV, LinkedIn, portfolio, cover letter, advertisements, posters, marketing campaigns, business cards

Personal: Email signature or WhatsApp status

Why have an atom bio instead of a traditional website?

When you think of having a corner of the Internet to express who you are, what you stand for, and where to find you, most people would think of a website. Yet, a traditional website isn’t necessarily the best tool to reach your audience. Below, we have the top six reasons why our link in bio tool comes out ahead of traditional websites.

1. Purpose: highlight what is relevant

An atom is intended to be a simple page where your audience can easily find what you offer. Whether you’re an influencer who wants to promote products or an entrepreneur who is selling their services, there’s no need to have a ton of information pop up if you know an individual is looking for something specific.

When you drive traffic from one platform to another, chances are that you have a pretty good guess of what your audience is seeking. For example, what did you tell them was linked in your bio (this time, the last couple of times, etc.), what content have you recently curated, how do they contact you, where else can they find you, what is your most popular content, etc.? A website may have all of your information, but an atom is just your highlights. It’s supposed to be those quick links that easily showcase what you offer.

2. Clear and simple

Clicking from page to page on your mobile device can get frustrating. The display is small, and you don’t know exactly where you’re going. This is why it’s even more important to have a clear and simplistic vision for any pages conveying important links. Don’t make your audience hunt down your information!

Plus, even if you think your website is clear, it’s still different from the hundreds of other websites people look at daily. Every website has its own flair, and what’s intuitive to you may not be intuitive to other people. If you have a simple and clear atom bio, your audience will be clear from the get-go how to navigate your content.

3. Visually appealing

Atom bios were born in the age of online marketing. We’ve unified all content under a single attractive link, and it’s evident simply because of its clean look. If you’re not looking for a complicated process or have already gone the website route, atom bio offers you a handful of designs to select. You won’t be up at night wondering if it’s professional or does the job…that’s clear right from the start!

4. Low-maintenance

Unless you decide to take this upon yourself, personal websites are often outsourced and managed by a third party. This is because websites are time-consuming and challenging. Few people willingly take on this task. An atom bio is easy to create yourself in just a few minutes time. You don’t need anyone else’s assistance to keep it running or looking good.

5. Quick and free

Quick and free is music to everyone’s ears! Visit to get started on your simple personal page. Once it’s created, it’s easy to modify and update as needed from your phone. Your target audience will be guided from one platform to the next with the ability to maximize engagement.

Using atom bios, your audience can…

Subscribe to your newsletter

Visit all your links: read your blogs or articles, listen to your podcasts, visit your shop, rent your airbnb appartment...

Receive relevant news related to your business

View images with links and embedded videos from YouTube

It’s a link in bio tool that suits everyone from a fashion blogger to a small business looking to notify their employees about their recent COVID-19 numbers.

6. Traffic analytics

Are you wondering which links get more love and attention? Fortunately, atom bios can tell you! Equipped with built-in analytics that can update you on your brand’s progress, our program is ideal for any business that is seeking to improve engagement. You can’t do what you do best unless you know what type of content your audience prefers and interacts with best. Link it all in one page in your atom and let the statistics tell you what you should produce more.

Who should use atom bio?

Online content creators

As a user, how many times have you seen “Link in bio” on Instagram stories? For influencers and online content creators, this is one of the best ways to direct followers to content on another platform. And yet, how many of us are met with dead ends when we try to go to those links?

Frequently, content creators forget to change out that link, it doesn’t work, or you wish that they had multiple links available. After all, just because they had a new YouTube video go live doesn’t mean you don’t want access to their most recent blog. Having an atom in your bio provides a quick and easy way to drop multiple links into your users’ lap!

Entrepreneurs and freelancers

Entrepreneurs and freelancers are always on the hunt for the best and newest technology that can help them further their business goals. Often, one of their top goals is to connect with people in their network on projects or content they’ve been working on.

Unfortunately, it can be complicated having someone hunt through your website to find your latest post or highlights. By linking your atom bio in all the spots you’d connect with people, you’re giving them direct access to everything you’d want them to see right off the bat. So easy!

Business owners

Did you know that expanding your online presence is one of the fastest and quickest ways to grow your business? Especially with the advent of social media marketing, business owners are wasting no time in taking advantage of free online marketing tools. The following ideas are just some of the ways you can expand:

Delivering high-quality content through blogs or videos

Being mobile-friendly

Integrating social media

The atom lends itself well to this expansion. Now, when you post or share content, you don’t have to limit your link in bio to a traditional website. Instead, you can post your website, contact information, most recent blogs, YouTube videos, and other content you’re curating.


Atom bios are not just for professionals…they’re for students too! This profile is just as applicable on LinkedIn, CVs, portfolios, cover letters, or in your email signature. If you want to showcase some of your recent work and can’t think of a better way to do it than multiple links, Atom Bio allows you to do so in a clean, clear, and professional way.

Anyone else!

Do you have a cool new podcast that you post for friends and family? Have you recently started speaking out about social justice movements and sharing helpful articles for your followers?

If so, you’re just as much a candidate for atom bio as everyone on the list above. Creating an atom is easy, and the process can be done by anyone. If you find yourself needing multiple links or writing “link in bio” in your Instagram caption, then congrats, you’ve qualified!

Final thoughts

Anyone who knows the sleek simplicity of an atom bio compared with a personal website couldn’t compare them. That’s why they’re perfect for an individual or company looking to connect with their audience with multiple links.

Atom bio is simple to create and share:

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and get started!