The first step you must follow to create your atom bio is to register. If you haven’t yet, click the following link

Create my atom bio

If you have any problem with your registration, please contact us by writing an email to and we'll be happy to help you


Once your registration is complete, you’ll see a menu similar to the one in this picture


You need to follow these 4 steps to add your basic information and then you'll be able to continue editing your profile, adding as many links, photos and videos as you want

1. The first thing you can do is to add your profile picture. Click where it says image and choose the picture you like the most. You can adjust and cut the picture as you like.

2. Then you can select a theme from the different options we offer. If you click on the arrows, you’ll find different options. You don’t have to worry too much about which one to choose now because you'll be able to change it at any time later.


3. Next, you can customize the style of your header. In all 3 cases the list of your main links will appear below the header. Currently, there are three types of headers:

One with the picture at the top of the page. Your name, description, and the icons you chose will be placed just below the picture

A second option with the picture a bit smaller than in option a placed next to (at the same level as) the name, description and icons

The last option is the one that coined us as atom bio. If you choose this option you will have your name and description at the top and then your profile picture will be surrounded by the different icons you choose, which ressembles the typical shape of an atom

4. Finally, you can add your name and fill a form with your social media usernames. The ones we offer you here are the fifth most used: Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and Facebook. You'll be able to add many more networks and applications in the following steps. When you finish filling the form, click the next button to move on. You'll be automatically redirected to your profile, as will be seen by the rest of the users.


In order to continue modifying and adding content, you can go to the lower part of the menu and click on the yellow button Edit. This will take you to a new window where you'll be able to modify all the aspects of your profile: from your profile picture (you already selected it in previous steps but you can change it anyway), your user name (by simply clicking on top of it and rewriting it as you want to) or any of the characteristics that offers you.

1. Description

You can click where it says describe yourself here to add a description about who are you or what are you offering to put in context the user that visits your profile.

2. Add icons

In the previous steps, you already filled out the form with some of the most important social networks you are part of, but now you can add other more specific icons to your profile so your audience can access to your social networks, platforms or applications in a faster and more intuitive way.

If you click on the + button, a new window will open, containing lots of different icons.


The icons are oganized in two categories:

Common. This option includes the most common apps, platforms, companies, services, networks or other common trademarks.

Others. Here you'll find a great variety of icons for any type of information or link that you want to share on your profile. Within those icons, you will be able to find other very different options that can adjust to your necessities, whether is it to promote/advertise something or to share as a link in your profile. This category includes some less well-known icons and also some general icons with no correlation to any registered trademark (such as icons for books, discounts, music,...).

You can find all the icons by clicking on the little arrows next to the different icons, located on both sides of the row.


Choose one icon and read the instructions that appear in the new widow that opens when you are on the basic mode, which is the one that will open first for default. On the most known apps, you will be asked your user name, telephone number and email address and in the rest you'll be able to add a link of your profile for that specific app.

Write the information needed and then, once you click Save, you will see the icon appearing in your heading, located in the dispositions you previously chose.

You can keep adding icons: as many as you want to!

If you want to include a list in any of your icons, you can do it in the Expert mode. It doesn't matter if your icon belongs to the Common list or the Other list. The Expert mode will allow you to add a description and attach one or several images, a part from your link. This can be useful in different situations: when you have two different Instagram accounts, when you want to attach different pictures of your products, when you want to include links from several blogs o articles, when adding the titles of your favorite books, a list of your discount codes… There are many options, play with the different possibilities as you please!

3. Add more links to your main list

First, you can add a headline or title to the list. You just have to click on top of the area where it says Write a tittle for your list and write whatever you want. It’s easy-peasy! And, if you don’t want to put any tittle, you can let it just as it is.

To get the most out of your profile, you can include more links in the space that you have below you profile photo (apart from those that you automatically included using the information you provided in the registration).

At the bottom of the Edit page, below your links, you’ll find a panel with 5 different options: Links, videos, images, slider, and text.


When you include links, you can change their order by using the central arrows (selecting the link that you want to upload and then clicking on the arrow) or delete them by pressing the delete box, marked with a garbage can icon. Remember to always press the Save button to save the changes before returning to your profile!



To add a link, you can enter two different fields: the URL and the description.

In the URL section, you have to paste or write the link that interest you. Of course, remember that it has to start with ‘http://’ or with ‘http://’.

In the description you can write the text that you want to be displayed on your public profile.

For example, to direct our audience to our online store, we'd put the link in the URL box and then in the description box we'd write ‘visit our online store’.



To add a video, you have to copy and paste the YouTube link and, Voila! If you click Save and View Profile you will see your video already in the main list.



First of all, you can upload an image by clicking the Browse button.

Now you have several options:

  • To leave only one image
  • To add a link
  • To add a description

If you add a link, users clicking on it will visit that URL.

If you add a description, it will appear below the image.



A Slider is a set of images followed one after another. It is also called a carousel or presentation. Users will be able to swipe to see the different pics.

If you want to add several images but you don't want to have a very long profile, this option is the best for you.

Follow the same detailed procedure for the images described before and all the photos with the drawing of the slider (square with two arrows inside) in the upper left corner will be grouped automatically.



Last but not least, you have the option to add text. This can be used, for example, to highlight the opening hours of your business or to add your contact number if you haven't done it with icons already or if you simply want to highlight it again and leave it fixed and easier to be found.

4. Edit your profile appearance

You may want to change some of the settings you selected during the first part of the registration, either the header or the theme. Don't worry, you can click on Appearance at the bottom black navbar of the Edit mode, marked with an icon of a painter’s palette.

Then the following page will open


If you want to change the type of header, you can click on Header and select one of the three options discussed above

If you want to change the theme, you can click on Customize and a tab will open with different options as you can see in the image below


In this case you can:

Change the background for your own image.

Add a gradient background, selecting the colors you want to have at the top and at the bottom of the page.

Change the type of color of the font, the color of the filling of each one of the boxes (buttons) or the color of the borders or outline.

Change the shape of your bottons, from more straight and rectangular to more rounded ones.

5. Corrections and updates

Once you have added all your icons and links to the main list, you may want to edit the content, either because of a mistake or because you want to update the information.

How can you do it?

Well, very easy. First, you have go back to the Edit mode. There you can directly modify any of the items in your main list of links. Click the yellow button to save the changes! To edit or delete an icon, just select that particular icon and follow the steps explained above.

6. How to change your URL

In the bottom bar in the Public View mode, there is a button with an icon that shows a drawing of a link named Copy. By clicking there, you will have directly copied the link to your atom bio profile to share it easily.


But, from the edit mode, you will no longer see the Copy button. Instead, the Link button will appear in the same position. When you click it, you'll see a new tab like the one above, where you can change your URL if you want to have a different URL. You can write the username you want in your link and save or copy it.

7. Newsletter

If you click on the Newsletter button, represented by an envelope, a tab like the one below will open. In this tab, you can activate a form to collect the information of your followers or clients, who can leave their email or phone number so that you can contact them


In the section Join mail list or Join phone list, you can write a personalized message that your audience will see if you want to.

In addition, by clicking on the Download csv section, you will be able to download a document in an Excel type format with the information collected about your audience (both emails and phone numbers).


We recommend you to see how your profile looks every few updates by clicking Save to automatically go to the public view of it, to check the changes incorporated.

Keep in mind that most users will access your profile from a mobile phone, so the dimensions of this website are optimized for these devices. For this reason, if you decide to create the profile from the computer because it is more comfortable for you, we recommend you to see it simultaneously with your mobile phone to see how the result looks.

If you have any question or problem with your profile, don't hesitate to write to us at or just send us an Instagram DM.

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