How to create an atom bio

Step by step


The first step we must follow is to register. If you are not registered yet, click on the following link..

Create my atom bio

Once the form is completed you will receive an email (check your SPAM folder) to be able to activate your account and start filling out your profile

If you have any problem when registering, please get in contact us by sending an email to and we will gladly help you

1. Basic information

When you enter your profile you will see a menu similar to the one in this image


The first thing we can do is add our profile picture, write our name and add a description of who we are of what we offer to put in context the users that visit our profile

Once completed, we click on 'View profile', the yellow button at the bottom of the menu, to see how others will see our profile. With a second click on the same button we will return to the 'Edit' menu

2. Add icons

Now we are going to add different icons to our profile so that our audience can access our social networks and platforms in a fast and intuitive way

We will click on the first option that we have under the profile photo: 'Add link' and we will see the following panel. We can see what icons are by moving the icons of the 'common' and the 'others' panels


We choose an icon, and we read the instruction that appears in the 'basic' mode

In the most popular applications, it will ask us for our username, telephone number or email address and in the others we can add a link

We write our information and when we save the icon we will see that it appears next to our profile photo


We can continue adding more icons, as many as we wish! If we want to include a list in any of them, we can do it in 'Expert' mode, which will also allow us to include one or more images. This is interesting if we have, for example, two different Instagram accounts, or we want to put photos of our products, or if we want to include links to several blogs or articles, add the titles of our favorite books, a list of discount codes, ... as you can see there are many options!

3. Add a main list of links

To get the most out of our profile we should include some content in the space below our profile photo


We will do this by clicking on the second button that we have in Edit mode, 'Main list', which opens a panel with 5 options

When we include links we can change their order using the arrows or delete them. Before going to the 'View profile' don't forger to save all the updates!



In order to add a link we can enter two fields: the URL and the description

In the URL we will paste or write the link that interests us. It must start with 'https: //' or by 'http: //'

In the description we will write the text that we want to show in the profile public.

If, for example, we wanted to add a link to our online store, we would put the link in the URL and in the description we would write 'Visit our online store'



Videos can be added by simply copying and pasting the URL of a YouTube video! If you click on 'save' and 'view profile' you will see your video in the main list



First, we upload an image by clicking on the 'Choose file' button

Now we have several options: we can leave only an image or add a link and / or description.

If we add a link URL, when users click on it they will visit that URL.

If we add a description, it will appear below the image.



A Slider is a set of images. It is often called a carrousel or presentation

If you want to add several images but do not want to have a very long profile, this is what you need!

Follow the procedure detailed for the images and all the images with the slider drawing in the upper left corner will be grouped



Finally, we have the option to add text. This can help us, for example, to highlight our opening hours or add our contact if we have not done it with icons or we simply want to highlight it again

4. Edit

Once we've added some icons and links, we may want to edit the content, either due to an error or because we want to update the information

How do we do it?

Very easy. To edit or to delete any icon we just have to click on this icon from the 'Edit' menu. We will see that the panel that we had filled in in section 2 with the information of our icon opens up. If we want we can delete it, select another icon, or change the information that we had written.

In the case of the main list, we only have to click on 'Main list' and the menu that we have been filling in following the instructions in section 3 will open.


We recommend you to see how your profile is looking by clicking on 'View profile' every few changes.

Keep in mind that most users will access your profile from a mobile phone, so the dimensions of this website are optimized for this device. If you decide to create the profile from the computer because it is more comfortable for you, we recommend you to see with the mobile how the final result will look.

If you have any questions or problems with your profile, do not hesitate to write to

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