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What is ATOM.BIO

ATOM.BIO is a free web landing page generator. It was born in 2020 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses, and personal brands connect with their customers, friends, and followers.

It allows you to create a landing page in less than 5 minutes and to fully customize its design to match your brand identity at no cost and without any programming skill. You can use it directly from the web browser of your phone, so you can create your webpage and customize from anywhere and at any time.


For whom is ATOM.BIO

👉 Physical businesses such as restaurants, shops, beauty salons, real estate agencies, or hotels create their ATOM.BIO to share their updated contact information, schedule, calendar and best promotions to keep their customers always up to date.

👉 Digital businesses and entrepreneurs use ATOM.BIO to share forms, to collect leads (contact details of potential customers), to sell, and to connect their customer base with their entire online ecosystem: social media, blog, website, ecommerce, playlist, and anything you can imagine! and get data to optimize their digital strategy.

👉 Personal brands such as artists, content creators, and influencers use atom bio as a ‘link in bio’ to promote their latest content, to get more traffic to their social media accounts and increase their following base, to share discount codes and increase their passive income, and to find new brands to collaborate with.

👉 Professionals such as academicians, photographers, freelancers, and job seekers have an ATOM.BIO to compliment their CV so their clients, colleagues, and prospective employers can look at their best projects, portfolios and selected publications.

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Our mission at ATOM.BIO is to expand the reach of local businesses, B corps, non-profits, and NGOs through the influence of social media.

By building a product that serves the social media creator community, we are creating a network that will transform influence into a force for good.

Meet our Team


Rosa Mach

Founder & CEO


Daniel López

Founder & CTO


Oriol Vila


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